Tanz Choreograph Hinzugefügt
1950 Wolfgang Marten 10/2015    
A Little Jealous Sue Hutchison 06/2012    
A Little Kiss Niels Poulsen 07/2019
A-B Troublemaker Lesley Clark 08/2013  
After The Storm Tina Argyle 08/2014
Ain't Misbehavin' Guyton Mundy, Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Amy Glass 02/2018  
Alice Daniel Whittaker 09/2018    
All I Am Is You Julia Wetzel 02/2019    
All Nite Long Harlan Curtis 09/2010    
All Shook Up Naomi Fleetwood 09/2011  
And Get It On Daniel Trepat & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane 10/2015  
Back It Up Darren Bailey & Raymond Sarlemijn 02/2014    
Back To The Start Hayley Wheatley 08/2021    
Back To You Judy Rodgers 01/2011
Badda-Boom! Badda-Bang! Karen Hunn 01/2013  
Be Bop unbekannt 08/2010    
Better In Time Regina Cheung 10/2013
Beyond Your Eyes Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs 10/2011    
Big Blue Tree Ria Vos 01/2016  
Big Girls Boogie Mavis Broom 12/2007  
Black Coffee Helen O'Malley 06/2012  
Blue Note Jan Smith 09/2010  
Boogie unbekannt 07/2010      
Boom Boom Bang Jamie Barnfield 08/2017    
Bored Ria Vos 01/2017    
Bounce Barry Durand 10/2006  
Box It Up! Craig Bennett 10/2010    
Burlesque Norman Gifford 03/2011    
Canadian Stomp unbekannt 08/2006    
Catch The Rain Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs 07/2008  
Caught In The Act Ann Wood 02/2012    
Caught In The Rain! Alexis Strong 01/2018    
Celtic Kittens Maggie Gallagher 05/2006  
Celtic Teardrops Maggie Gallagher 07/2013    
Chica Boom Boom Vikki Morris 08/2009  
Chicken Walk Jive Pat Stott 03/2011    
Clap Happy! Shaz Walton 12/2013    
Clap Your Hands Vivienne Scott 08/2010  
Closer Mary Kelly 02/2006  
Coastin' Ray & Tina Yeoman 01/2006
Completely AB (changed) Pat Stott 07/2019    
Country 2 Step Masters In Line 01/2006  
Country Walkin' Teree DeSarro 08/2006  
Crazy Neville Fitzgerald 08/2012    
Crazy Foot Mambo Paul McAdam 01/2012  
Cry Just A Little Bit Gitte Stehr 08/2013    
Da Dance Light Gabi Jasser 06/2012    
Dance It Up Maggie Gallagher 03/2015    
Dance Like You're The Only One Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher 12/2013  
Dance Of Love Maggie Gallagher 09/2014    
Dancing Kizomba Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Rebecca Lee et al 06/2016    
Das Lied In Dir Gabi Jasser 05/2015    
Deutsche Bahn light Gabi Jasser 10/2013    
Devil Calling Kate Sala, Karl-Harry Winson & DAP 09/2018    
Diamond Dixie Susanne Mose Nielsen 08/2011  
Disco Cindi Talbot 09/2008  
DN Waltz Niels Poulsen 01/2014  
Doing The Walk Jef Camps, Pim van Grootel & Roy Verdonk 08/2018    
Don't Be So Shy Wendy Veenstra 09/2016    
Drumbeat Gabi Jasser 03/2012    
Electric Slide unbekannt 01/2006    
Ex's And Oh's Amy Glass 04/2016  
Eye To Eye (64) Original from Maggie Gallagher 03/2014  
Eyes For You Jo Thompson Szymanski 01/2018    
EZ Walk Like Rihanna Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs 12/2014  
Falling Rain Juliet Lam 04/2015  
Father & Daughter Karen (Hunn) Hadley 10/2010    
Feel Like A Fool Sue Wilkinson 10/2011  
Feeling Good Gudrun Schneider & Heather Barton 10/2018    
Feels Easy Annette Lapp 08/2017    
Game Changer EZ Abbenaree Sleeth 08/2017    
Go Cat Go Gaye Teather 08/2016  
Go Greased Lightning Michelle Burton & Michael Barr 09/2006    
Gone West Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher 11/2019  
Good To Be Us Darren 'Daz' Bailey & Lana Williams 12/2012  
Gotta Go Home Stella Kim 12/2016    
Groovy Love Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat & Jonas Dahlgren 09/2018  
Gypsy Queen Hazel Pace 09/2016    
Hands Up And Party Barbara Lowe 08/2010  
Happy When I'm Dancing Liz Lowry 08/2016  
Havana Cha Ria Vos 11/2017  
Have A Good Time Rachael McEnaney 06/2018
Have You Ever Seen The Rain Dee Musk 03/2012  
Head In The Sky Maggie Gallagher 11/2015  
Helele Andreas Wenk 08/2010    
Hey Boy Ria Vos 08/2012    
Hey Now! Gary O'Reilly 11/2019  
Holding On To Yesterday Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs 10/2009  
I Don't Care Lisa Spangler 02/2006  
I Got This Too Kate Sala 02/2019  
I Love Me Most Betty Moses 01/2017  
I Think I Found Love Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris 07/2019  
I Wan'na Be Like You Maria Maag 09/2016    
I'm Free Raymons Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk & Jill Babinec 08/2017    
I've Been Waiting For You Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot 02/2019  
Ice Breaker Mary Kelly 09/2019
If You Were Mine Maggie Gallagher 01/2012    
Irish Stew Lois Lightfoot 09/2006  
Islands In The Stream Karen Jones 07/2010    
It Hurts Sue Hsu & Kathy Chang 01/2009  
It's Up To You Kim Ray 09/2016    
Keep It Burnin' Craig Bennett & John Robinson 02/2012    
Keep Young Maggie Gallagher 02/2020    
Keeping Secrets Ria Vos 01/2019    
Latin Lover Misuk La 08/2017  
Little Red Book Dee Musk 01/2009  
Louisiana Swing Kate Sala and Robbie McGowan Hickie 11/2009    
Love Is A Word Maggie Gallagher 04/2013    
Love Is Like Maggie Gallagher 01/2016  
Make My Day Francien Sittrop 02/2011  
Mamita Ira Weisburd 08/2014
Mamma Maria Frank Trace 06/2012  
Mini Blurred Lines Gabi Jasser 08/2013    
Mini Disturbance Gabi Jasser 09/2013    
Mini Katchi Gabi Jasser 03/2018    
Mini No Suffering Gabi Jasser 02/2016    
Mini Trouble Maker Gabi Jasser 03/2013      
Miss Congeniality Julie Lockton & Sebastiaan Holtland 02/2020  
Modern Romance Kate Sala 04/2015    
Music To My Eyes Derek Steele & Simon Ward 02/2019  
My Father's Son Judy Rodgers 09/2016    
My Greek No. 1 Maria Rask 12/2006  
My Love Runs Out Regina Cheung 08/2014  
My Waltz Else A-J. Lillefuhr 07/2010  
Nancy Mulligan Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly 03/2017    
Nasdravia Laura & Becky Michaels 07/2010      
New Shoes Karl-Harry Winson 08/2017
No Mercy Roy Verdonk & Darren Bailey 09/2016    
Not Without Us Ria Vos 09/2011    
Nothing But You Darren Bailey 07/2019  
Ofenbach Rob Fowler 08/2017    
Open Up Gabi Jasser 07/2019  
Paradise Marcus Zeckert 06/2018    
Perfect Alison Johnsone & Joshua Talbot 01/2018    
Pop! Emergency! Betty Moses & Eugene Walls 09/2016    
Porushka Poranya Gary Lafferty 02/2012  
Puttin' On The Ritz Stella Kim 02/2019  
Queen Of My Heart Birthe Tygesen 09/2019
Quiero Ira Weisburd 04/2017  
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O Maggie Gallagher 12/2014  
Rah-Rah ooh la la Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell 05/2010  
Reflection Alison Johnstone 04/2013    
Rhumba & Roses Larry Bass 07/2010  
Rhyme Or Reason Rachael McEnaney 03/2010    
Rio Diana Lowery 08/2007  
Rock Paper Scissors Maggie Gallagher 08/2012    
Rolling In The Deep Steve Lustgraaf 01/2011  
Rose-A-Lee unbekannt 10/2014      
Satellite Gabi Jasser 03/2010  
Save The Day Karl-Harry Winson 07/2019  
Senorita La-La-La Julia Wetzel 11/2019  
Senorita Tu Ira Weisburd 01/2017  
Shakin Mix Yvonne v. Baalen 09/2008  
Shape Of You Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto 03/2017    
Simply Cha Cha Barry Durand 01/2006  
Simply Mambo Vyl Myers & Deana Randle 08/2013  
Simply Still In Love Margaret Fox 08/2015  
Skinny Genes Pat + Lizzie Stott 08/2015
Snap Vivienne Scott 06/2018  
Sofia Hotma & Wandy 02/2020    
Soldier José Miguel Belloque Vane 02/2019  
Something In The Water Niels Poulsen 08/2011  
Standing Still Gabi Jasser 03/2012  
Stitches Amy Glass 05/2016  
Stop Me Now Maggie Gallagher 10/2013    
Subeme La Radio (changed) Guillaume Richard & Esmeralda v.d. Pol 08/2017      
Summer Fly Geoffrey Rothwell 06/2012  
Tango Cha Jo Thompson Szymanski & Deborah Szekely 10/2008  
Te Vas Kate Sala & Rob Fowler 07/2019
Tell The World Robbie McGowan Hickie 08/2015    
Ten Out Of Ten Maggie Gallagher 03/2014  
Texas Time Joshua Talbot 07/2019  
The Bomp Kim Ray 08/2015    
The Captain Joshua Talbot 08/2021    
The Lulu Dance Tina Argyle 08/2017    
The Most Beautiful Girl Niels Poulsen 08/2017    
The Queen Remi Lemaire, Guillaume Richard & Gaetan Bachellerie 10/2016    
The Story Of My Life Craig Bennett 01/2014    
There's A Kind Of Hush EunHee Yoon 11/2018    
Those Were The Days Daniel Whittaker & Rob Fowler 09/2014  
Throwback Swing Glynn Rodgers 06/2018  
Ticket To The Blues! Niels Poulsen 01/2016  
Tim-ber! Tim Gauci 03/2014    
Time To Swing Andrew Palmer & Sheila Cox 07/2009  
T'Morrow Never Knows Maggie Gallagher 03/2009  
Tonight Is Real Maggie Gallagher 02/2020    
Top Of The World Sharon Hutchinson 05/2014  
Tush Push James Ferrazanno 01/2006  
Twisting Julie Lockton & Laura Sway 08/2017    
Two Timing Man Ira Weisburd 03/2015    
Under The Sun Kathy Chang and Sue Hsu 11/2009    
Until The Dawn Gary Lafferty 11/2015  
Urban Grace Masters In Line 03/2011  
Veneno Ria Vos 02/2020    
Voodoo Jive Adrian Churm 09/2018    
Wade In The Water Niels Poulsen 09/2013  
Wandering Hearts Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher 01/2018    
Wanna Be Elvis Robbie McGowan Hickie 03/2009  
Wanna Dance Chris Jones 08/2014  
Watch Me Now Max Perry & Kathy Hunyadi, Barry & Dari Anne Amato 10/2011    
Way Down We Go Will Craig 02/2017    
Wellerman AB Julie Snailham 08/2021    
When The Beat Drops Out Gabi Jasser 12/2014    
Wicked Wonderland Bastiaan van Leeuwen 08/2014    
Womanizer 2 Amy Christian-Sohn 08/2010  
You're My Anthem Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris 08/2018